Distinctive Property Development Ltd

Creating something special

Distinctive Property Development Ltd was formed in reaction to the reluctance of the construction industry to adopt anything other than the bare minimum of insulation and comfort standards.


A recent RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) survey concluded that the main reasons for owners’ dissatisfaction with their new homes are:


  1. High energy bills
  2. Lack of space
  3. Lack of natural light


New Building Regulations are due to be introduced to ensure that all new homes are carbon neutral by 2016. However, this does not address the lack of space and natural light. Ironically, to avoid an increase in build costs, many housebuilders are reducing room sizes and the size of windows to increase the thermal efficiency.


This is in complete contrast to self-builders who nearly always construct homes which considerably exceed current thermal efficiency standards, have larger rooms, and let in considerably more natural light.


Distinctive Property Development Ltd design and build homes with low or zero energy bills, lots of space, and lots of natural light.